Advent Times is a ministry dedicated to proclaiming the final warning message heralded by the Three Angels messages located in Revelation 14. The Bible coupled with the spirit of prophecy identifies key waymarks set up by the Lord in his past dealing with his people which is needful for the Children of God to understand in order to stand in these last days.

Advent Times Summer Camp Meeting 2013

Posted by AdventTimes On March - 17 - 2013346 COMMENTS

Advent Times long awaited camp meetings are back! This years camp meeting will be set in 26 acres of beautiful countryside from 28th July – 4th August 2013. Our guest and main speaker will be Pr. Kevin Howard from Path of the Just (USA) with supporting speakers from Advent Times. AT Summer Camp Meeting 2013 Location: Ingestre Hall, Ingestre, Stafford, ST19 0FR. Set in 27 acres of beautiful countryside. Price: £150 for adults (reduced rates for 12 years old and under) Prices include accommodation... (more...)

Prophecy School 2012- USA

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Remnant Mission will be holding a prophecy school in Huntsville-USA from 24-29th September‚ 2012. The event will provide a teaching environment of the Third Angel’s Message. All the details can be found on here:  Read More →

New Newsletter- The Sixth Seal

Posted by admin On July - 16 - 20122 COMMENTS

It’s been a while and we’re sorry for the delay but thank the Lord we are back with our newsletters! Picking up from where we left of this month’s edition is on the sixth seal which is all about the coming of Christ. There are many points of truth in the sixth seal which begins in the history of the fourth church of Bible prophecy, the church of Thyatira and it continues to the coming of Christ. However, we will be focusing on the Millerite history and how Christ was preparing a... (more...)


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There will be some progressive updates for a few weeks forward on the so please expect some disruptions (including the mobile site). We apologies for the inconvenience it might cause, but please do use the contact us if you would have any inquiries. Thank you for your patience. God bless, Kisa  Read More →

In the last few weeks a thought kept coming into my mind about going on a water fast, yet I kept ignoring it because in past times I always found these an immense struggle or really uncomfortable when compared to a fruit or juice fast not to mention I’d been having a great time coming up with various raw recipes! Nevertheless the voice was insistent that I go on a water fast in order to give those well deserved hard working organs a rest, so the previous weekend I’d decided to take heed... (more...)

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